3 Steps To Paradise Reservation

3 Steps To Paradise Reservation
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AkonaPet's 3 Steps To Paradise

Our personal and professional service that guarantees your pet qualifies for the many complicated Hawaii Animal Quarantine requirements, and avoid a lengthy and costly stay in the state quarantine kennels. Your pet is quickly released to you upon arrival in Hawaii, and on the way to its home in the Hawaiian Island paradise.

Avoid the frustration of calling airlines to find flights for your pet. AkonaPet's Pet Travel Formula will provide the safest, shortest, and least expensive itinerary for your pet.

Step One:  Complete your reservation with AkonaPet here. $49 per pet Reservation Deposit. This amount is applied to the AkonaPet Pet Relocation Service Fee. Receive your AkonaPet Service Agreement and Invoice for Deposit Balance equal to one half of "3 Steps to Paradise" fees. Discounts available for two or more pets.

Step Two:   All documents and permits will be processed to guarantee Hawaii Quarantine requirements are satisfied, and pet travel booked. This starts when signed Service Agreement and payment authorization is received for the balance of the deposit.

Step Three:  Board your pets on the airplane to your Hawaii Paradise. Upon payment of the Balance of Fees, documents are filed and confirmed itinerary will be received.

 AkonaPet – The only Hawaii pet relocation company that guarantees your pet will go home with you on the day of its arrival when you sign on to, and follow, the “3 Steps to Paradise” plan.

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$49 per pet Reservation Deposit. For questions or help call (808) 937-6670.

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