AkonaPet Pet Mover's DIY Guide to Hawaii

AkonaPet Pet Mover's DIY Guide to Hawaii
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AkonaPet "A Pet Mover's D.I.Y Guide to Hawaii". This is a Do It Yourself Guide including information, forms and contacts to navigate the Hawaii Quarantine requirements and book pet travel to Hawaii. Also includes an "AkonaPet Pet Travel Kit".

This guide will provide you with all the up-to-date information and forms to qualify one pet for entry into Hawaii, and how to avoid an expensive quarantine stay for your pet.

It also includes the airline contacts and rules for Hawaii bound pet approved flights.

The included AkonaPet Pet Travel Kit is designed to meet the "minimum airline standards" to properly outfit your pet's travel carrier.

This DIY Pet Mover's Guide is a must for a budget conscious pet relocation into our beautiful state of Hawaii.

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